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Welcome to David Dye Music (not the NPR guy). This is really just a place for me to post my own stuff from comedy music "Rosie and June" to my more serious stuff. I will be updating periodically with new looks and content. If you have any suggestions email me at

Thanks for taking a look.

David Dye (Not the NPR Guy) has never been on the World Cafe but he has been on this bench many times.

The storms were crazy last night. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get new draps for the studio and we hear sirens going off. Walk to the front of the building and this is what we saw.

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Random Goodness
Click here to take a look at the Basketball Backboard Jim, DC and I built.

A woman Debi works with requested I sing this song at karaoke last night but we had to leave before I could. I learned it real quick so she could give it a listen. Hope you enjoy it Laura :O)
Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone
by Bill Withers

Round and Round She Goes
This is a new song I wrote this weekend. The storey goes that I was watching a video of Jennifer Love Hewitt she was jumping around and her jiggly things were doing what jiggly things do. I was playing guitar and got so lost in the moment the video just kept looping. Anyhow here is the song. One more thing. I am giving Robert Steel a writing credit for this song. He has a song called Marrisa that uses the same line "Round and Round" although I wasn't thinking about it at the time I'm sure it had some influence.

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